Trois roues qui changent tout

Cocoon getting around in the heart of the city

The bike that makes a difference.

With Cocoon, Bluemooov innovates by combining the ease of use of a bicycle with the comfort of a covered, motorised vehicle. Cocoon offers its users an electrically-assisted bicycle for door-to-door mobility. It is modular, covered and enclosed and has a good carrying capacity.
Cocoon aims for excellence in terms of design, functionality, quality of materials, finishes and integrated services to ensure user satisfaction.


  • Ergonomic and high driving position
  • Stability thanks to 3 wheels
  • Front and rear LED lights, turn signals
  • Reinforced chassis and protective bars in the doors
  • Anti-theft systems integrated in the chassis


  • Large, super-comfortable seat
  • Enclosed cabin, for driving in all weather conditions
  • Quiet operation
  • Variable engine assistance
  • Integrated USB charger

Easy, Simple

  • The dimensions of a bicycle
  • 3 storage compartments and a boot
  • Anti-puncture tyres
  • Easy to charge via bike battery or charger


  • Cocoon dedicated app, USB socket, Bluetooth connection
  • Anti-theft alert and remote engine lock
  • Geolocation and fleet management for companies

Economical and ecological

  • Low acquisition and maintenance costs
  • Highly reliable components for guaranteed longevity
  • Responsible design and recyclability of components
  • Solar panels integrated into the roof
  • Quiet operation and zero CO2 emissions


  • Designed in France and manufactured with the greatest care
  • Easy customisation and large communication spaces for companies
Trois roues qui changent tout

Cocoon in 3D at Autonomy show

Soft mobility in the city centre

At Autonomy 2019 in Paris, Cocoon is presented through a virtual reality device.

Discover the 3D video presentation, Cocoon the bike of tomorrow:

  • Steel beam chassis,
  • Front axle with triangulated suspension,
  • Body parts in thermoformed ABS,
  • Doors with 180° opening angle and removable (lockable with keys)
  • Side windows with front opening by compass and removable…
Trois roues qui changent tout

With Cocoon tomorrow will be different

Cocoon was designed by studying the obstacles to the massive use of bicycles for short trips in urban areas. We listened to you to design a vehicle that meets your demands.
It’s a bike for good health, small footprint and easy parking, but with the attributes of a car: safety, comfort, space, connectivity.

Cocoon, the missing link between the bicycle and the car. This is THE mobility mode you’ve all been waiting for and Bluemooov is making it happen for you.

It is intended for urban individuals, but also for companies and local authorities who will be able to customise it to make it a positive image tool.

If you wish to pre-order your Cocoon, leave a message via our contact form.


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